Best playmat for baby activity in Hong Kong

Why are playmats good for babies?

​Playmat is a classic and essential item of baby gear. It is better for you to choose a baby playmat that is very easy to use. If you don’t have enough space or prefer to remain the living room when your baby goes to bed. A playmat that could allow you to fold up quickly and won’t be difficult to set up again the next day is useful. You should always use a playmat for tummy time. Tummy time is significant for helping your baby to develop all important action and motor skills. The baby can explore their toes and muscles, could move their entire body freely. So a playmat is definitely a good item for them to develop their pace, helps baby to crawl, reach, turn around, sit and walk on it. Gets mobility of your baby so they can get the right and correct development milestones.

Playmat Brand for baby - Alzipmat

In Hong Kong the most recommend playmate is Alzipmat, it is recognized for that creation of high excellent and safety baby mat. With high quality PU artificial leather, inside with 9-layer egg-shaped shock absorption foam, which can greatly reduce the impact force and reduce noise. The materials is certified with the ECO Environmental, that makes it the leading playmat in Korea.

It is an important item which will use with the growth of your infant

It is trendy, it adds speciality and comfortably to an area. Alzipmat playmats are recognized for their simplicity. It have enough space to include individuality to the area and produce an environment for the kid feel at the area. Through the period of play and story time , it can formed positive relationships between parents and children when you and your child sitting and having time on a play mat.

Cushioned for comfort

You can use the Alzipmat Playmat with infants from 2-3 weeks old to young kids. It is a playmat with enough shock absorption which can protect their legs.

High Quality and Easy Clean.

Alzipmat playmat is used and passed many strict and international standards for baby mat materials. It is easy to clean the dirt on the fabric with a wet tissue or towel. The mat is also proven with no harmful substances for children safety.

Creating a space for mum or dad - kid bonding time

It adds speciality and comfortabltto the space. Alzipmat playmats are recognized remaining the simplicity and having fun for children. However, it needs to add personality and simple to the room, so that the child also feels at home in the space. It can help to build a postitive relationships between parents and children through play and story time. This can happen when you and your kid are sitting and having fun on a playmat.

Dependence on alzipmat playmat

Alzipmat playmat provides have amnay advantages and serve a very important function in helping the development of your baby. From the perspective of parents, a playmat can entertain their child by including lots of interesting toys, materials and activities. The activity mats can be something a child enjoys playing and having fun with, and also to explore on their own, or with the parents.

It's also more healthy and safer for a young child to lean on a playmat rather than the floor. As floors are nothygienic, when children faces or fingers touch the floor, that regularly put in mouths. Also, it is a fact that babies are more safe to play and much on the playmat fabric, with which the Alzipmat outer layer cover and components have passed the FDA safety quality check.

If your floor is hard, a soft Alzipmat playmat is also very to bring more comfortable for them. It is mdde of high quality materials and is more durable than enough for the whole family to enjoy and use for many years. It is stylish with a design and style you would end up being proud and comfortable to use during your home!

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Alzipmat provides a xomfortable and safe space for the growth of your child.

  • Made with the safest, non-toxic and non harmful material possible


It is certified with ECO pro-environmental award 

  • The patent with 9-layer egg-shaped shock absorption

  • layer structure

It have passed the Regulatory Aps, APEOs standards and VOC safety standards

  • It is Waterproof and easy to clean

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